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Continuing Professional Development Programmes (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development Programmes (CPD) is a commitment by members to continually update their skills and knowledge in order to remain professionally competent and achieve their true potential.

This approach emphasises;

  1. * continuing, because learning never ceases, regardless of age or seniority;
  2. * professional, because it is focused on professional competence in a professional role; and
  3. * concerned with development, because the goal is to improve personal performance and enhance career progression, which arguably is much wider than just formal training courses.

Therefore the CPD events will be conducted on themes of;

  1. * Innovative technologies pertaining to architecture,
  2. * Architectural profession - Continuing professional aspects such as liabilities, legal implications, responsibilities and due processes,
  3. * Architectural profession - Evolving current local or global events that may have implications on it. Expansion of architects services beyond design paradigm and
  4. * Comparison of the Sri Lankan case, with other global architectural association